Tucson Arizona

Arizona is always great to visit in the cold months of the Midwest. Living in Minnesota, we do not get very much heat in the months of November, December, January, February, March or April 🙁

In Order to get some sun I went west to visit a friend and enjoy the time away from the snow and cold.

I flew into Phoenix and had a friend pick me up from the airport. We drove the interstate and stopped at In-n-Out burger for my very FIRST experience with this chain.

The restaurant was packed and it was a little after lunch so I thought that was crazy. We ordered a double everything as we got the same thing and I wanted to experience all that in-n-out had to offer.

The burger I thought was great but I did not like the fries at all! I thought they were nasty and just did not fit what I was expecting. I still would recommend going there cause the food was good and I know everyone has different taste buds.

When we got to Tuscon we unloaded the car and grabbed a cold one. We met my buddy and his family and toured the house. It was my first time visiting and I am definitely going back. He has a big house with fantastic interior and plenty of space for everyone.

Over the weekend we went riding on the trails of Arizona in the mountains. I have never been atv’ing or quadding before. He had a RZR 900 and two four wheelers that just screamed fun.

I did not realize how popular these recreational activities are out there. We went on trails that cars, mountain bikers, motocross and runners used to get their daily fun and excitement in.

We rode for about 4 hours and it was such a blast. I could not believe I have never ridden toys like these before. The speed and handling of everything was just amazing and I did not want to leave.

The next day I really felt my wrists and back from all the crazy riding the previous day. No worries though, a little liquid medicine (corona) helped ease that pain and I was ready to go again here soon.

Later in the night we got ready to go out in the downtown area of Tucson.   We drove past the university and entered the downtown college town party scene.

When we got downtown we saw all kinds of cars, anywhere from Bentley’s, Porsches, limousine service minneapolis looking limo and jeeps/hummers.

We hit up a couple bars and dance clubs. It was great being outside in a short sleeve shirt and shorts just drinking and dancing the night away. The crop of people was cool shit and everyone was having a good time.

The night ended with me watching tennis because the Australian open was going on and they are in a completely different time zone. I think I ended up watching tennis till 5am in the morning.

I ended up waking up on the couch with my buddy on one side and me on the other… it was not very comfortable. We both ended up falling asleep sitting up.

Have you ever been to Arizona?